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We have always believed that airbags were meant to save lives. Upon impact in a car accident, the airbags are supposed to deploy in a manner that is intended to protect the vehicle’s passengers from secondary injury. Defective airbags could result in no protection, or in some cases, may contribute to more severe injuries.

When airbags work properly they are meant to reduce injury and in some cases, save your life during an accident. However, airbags can also be dangerous. There are several different types of airbag defects that can cause serious injury or death to a vehicle passenger. Types of defects include, but are not limited to:


  1. Oversized airbags can strike a passenger upon inflation, causing head, brain and eye injury;
  2. Airbag deployment failure – Airbags are designed to deploy during impacts that occurred over significant speed. Sometimes the airbag fails, resulting in serious injuries or even death that could have otherwise been avoided;
  3. Unnecessary airbag deployment – Airbags that deploy in minor accidents such as running into a curb can result in passenger injury;
  4. Under-inflated airbag deployment occurs when the airbag fails to inflate to full size;
  5. Front-mounted airbag deployment – During initial deployment, an airbag is a dangerous object traveling at a high rate of speed. If the airbag is set to inflate directly at the passenger, rather than upward toward the windshield, serious injury can occur;
  6. Defective airbag systems could be a result of cheap manufacturing materials, the failure to incorporate new technology, poorly designed deployment devices and more. Automakers are responsible for ensuring their products, including airbags, are safe and effective.

Do I Have A Case?

Experienced Defective Airbag Attorneys

Airbags can cause injuries such as severe whiplash, eye injuries, blindness, broken nose, tooth loss, partial decapitation, quadriplegia and even death. If the cause of your injuries was the result of a defective airbag, Pacin Levine will explore viable steps to pursue a claim against the neglectful party. Since airbag injuries often result in the need to hire an airbag expert, we recommend contacting our office prior to repair or sale of the damaged vehicle.

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