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You’ve probably heard about a “class-action lawsuit.” But have you heard of a “mass tort?” Both types of lawsuits involve plaintiffs consisting of a large group of individuals who claim the same injury by one defendant. Each plaintiff in a mass tort is treated as an individual, since each person who has been hurt may have suffered different consequences from the negligence of the defendant company. That also means the plaintiff has to prove certain facts, including how they were injured by the defendant. Using Mass Torts can often be more beneficial than a wronged party filing a case on their own. If a “one size fits all” approach is not possible by having different circumstances between plaintiffs, the best option to address them might be a Mass Tort action. That is why you need knowledgeable Florida mass tort lawyers to take care of your case. In the event you think you have a mass tort claim, it can be hard to know where to begin. At Pacin Levine, we offer one of the most knowledgeable law services in the country, which includes specialized knowledge in class action lawsuits and mass tort cases. Schedule a free consultation with Pacin Levine today.

Do I Have A Case?

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Consumer products are supposed to help us, not hurt us. Unfortunately, this is often not the case especially when companies want to rush their products onto the market. With ever relaxing FDA oversight, more defective products are finding their way to consumers. Increasing competition leads manufacturers to cut corners in a product’s design, testing, and regulatory approval. That is why you need representation from a Florida Mass Tort Attorney like Pacin Levine now more than ever to protect your interests. As your Florida Mass Tort attorney, we help you learn how to best protect your safety with defective products. Unlike class actions, each victim in a mass tort has their own case. Mass torts are basically personal injury lawsuits. Mass tort cases occur when a product injures so many people in similar ways.

Defective Medical Devices and Dangerous Medications

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs can restore quality of life, offer lifesaving cures, and extend the lives of millions, but all too often the race to get a new drug on the market can have heartbreaking consequences for consumers. If you have been harmed by a defective drug, whether it was prescribed or not, you may be able to recover compensation. Contact us, your Florida Mass Tort Attorney, to discuss your potential options. If you used a medical product and were seriously injured because of it, contact Pacin Levine, your Florida Mass Tort attorney today. Because defective medical devices can be cleared by the FDA without undergoing rigorous testing, we are able to take on these cases involving tricky legal arguments.