3 Reasons a Single Car Accident Might Not Be Your Fault and How You Can Recover

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3 Reasons a Single Car Accident Might Not Be Your Fault and How You Can Recover

3 Reasons a Single Car Accident Might Not Be Your Fault and How You Can Recover

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You were not t-boned at an intersection. You didn’t get rear-ended by someone texting while driving. It wasn’t a pedestrian that you didn’t see until it was too late. No—you were in a single car accident.

And you’re wondering: am I at fault?

What Is a Single Car Accident?

As with the examples above, most car accidents involve two or more vehicles or a vehicle and a pedestrian. But if you have ever driven in the pouring rain, you know that it would not take much to send your car into the ditch—no one to hold accountable if you are hurt.

In most cases, single car accidents are the fault of the driver. However, exceptions do exist. If you can prove that your accident resulted because of someone else’s negligence, you might be able to seek damages under Florida law.

Reasons Your Single Car Accident Could Be Someone Else’s Fault

Here are three common scenarios in which you might be entitled to compensation:

Vehicle Manufacturing Defects

Your car required a lot of people to design it and put it together so that you could drive it safely. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned. People make mistakes and car manufacturers are no exception. Because a vehicle defect is not your fault but the result of someone else’s negligence, you could recover damages if the defect causes an accident.

Other Negligent Motorists

Even if you do not collide with another driver, cyclist, or pedestrian, their actions could cause an accident. For example, if a driver cuts you off and forces you to lose control of your vehicle, any resulting accident could be their fault.

Or perhaps a pedestrian decides to cross the road where there is no crosswalk. If you swerve to avoid them and cause damage to another person’s property, that pedestrian may be liable.

Deteriorating Roads and Construction Design Flaws

It’s not only others on the road who could be liable for your single car accident. Cities, counties, and other government entities who are in charge of maintaining roadways can also be held liable if deteriorating roads or poor design cause your accident.

If you hit a pothole and you get a flat tire that causes you to lose control of your vehicle, don’t just write off your losses—get in touch with an experienced attorney to hold the responsible party accountable for your damages.

Were You in a Single Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault?

In any accident, the factors at play can be complicated in an accident that only involves your vehicle. You should consult with an attorney if you think another person’s negligence or actions led to your accident, especially if you are injured. At Pacin Levin Attorneys at Law, we are ready to take your call.

Are you ready to pursue your case? Contact us today and set up an appointment to speak to an attorney. Call us at 1-800-24-7-CRASH or write to us at info@pl-law.com.

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