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How to Choose a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer in 4 Questions

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Accidents, Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Getting into an accident with a semi truck is often more devastating than an accident with another car. Choosing the right semi truck accident lawyer can mean the difference between getting the compensation you need to recover from injury and damage to personal property and being left with no help. Trucks can weigh tens of thousands of pounds more than the average passenger vehicle, and the difference in weight often spells disaster for the driver of the smaller automobile.

As former attorneys for truckers and trucking companies, the founding partners of Pacin Levine know exactly what you need to look for when searching for an attorney to handle your trucking accident case. When choosing an attorney, ask these four questions first.

Does the Lawyer Have Experience with Semi Truck Cases?

Cases that involve semi trucks can be complicated, involving many different liable parties, and thus require an attorney who is experienced with their nuances. Even attorneys who have settled numerous car accident cases don’t have the required knowledge to ensure a positive outcome. Truck accident cases require much more attention to detail than regular car accident cases. Ask any lawyers you are considering hiring whether they have experience with these kinds of cases before making a decision.

Does the Lawyer Have a Track Record of Success?

While experience is necessary to handle truck accident cases, experience alone won’t do. You need to make sure that your semi truck accident lawyer has a proven track record of favorable decisions. Before hiring an attorney, ask for proof that they have won cases similar to yours in the past.

Does the Lawyer Have Trial Experience?

It’s true that many personal injury cases settle before seeing the inside of a courtroom, but there is always the possibility that your case could go to trial. To be prepared for such a scenario, you need to know whether your attorney has trial experience.

Does the Lawyer Have a Good Reputation?

None of the above matters if you can’t work with your attorney. The lawyer you choose to represent you should be easy to work with, so you can both focus on getting you the compensation you deserve. Don’t hire a semi truck accident lawyer without first looking at reviews or testimonials or asking for a referral from someone who has worked with them before. When you are in the middle of recovering your health and money from an accident, you want to be able to depend on your attorney to answer any questions you might have and to be generally attentive to what you need.

Contact a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Today

The attorneys at Pacin Levine Attorneys at Law check all of the boxes above. If you want to work with an attorney who is experienced, proven, and reputable, contact us today so we can go over your case together.

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