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Past Case Results for Personal Injury Cases
Pacin Levine, P.A. has a proven track record of excellent, quality results for our clients. We strive to obtain realistic outcomes to ensure our clients receive the proper compensation. Having previously worked as insurance defense lawyers, we understand the dynamic involved in reviewing a case to determine the appropriate value to aid in obtaining a favorable result for our clients.

Remember, results obtained for clients are always specific to the facts and circumstances surrounding a client’s particular case. Not all cases will achieve the same results. The amounts recovered for each client are the gross settlements before attorney’s fees and costs were deducted:

Man visiting friend at hotel suffers back injury - $400,000.00

While visiting a friend at a well-known hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, our client was seriously injured after having fallen down the stairs to the pool area. The hotel had just cleaned the stairs and failed to place wet floor signs out to warn its patrons of potential hazards.

Recovered: $400,000.00

Minor child airlifted from the scene of the accident - $375,000.00

A young child was a passenger in a single vehicle accident that resulted in him having to be airlifted to the hospital resulting in the tender of 3 insurance policies.

Recovered: $375,000.00

Hit passenger sent to hospital for neck and back pain - $300,000.00

The client was a passenger in a vehicle when another vehicle pulled out of a driveway hitting the passenger side of the vehicle. The client was transported to the hospital with neck and back pain.

Recovered: $300,000.00

Red light accident results in severe passenger injuries - $275,000.00

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that ran a red light and struck another vehicle.  Our client suffered major injuries which were heavily disputed by the defendant claiming our client was not wearing a seatbelt.  The defense claimed our client’s injuries were the result of their failure to wear a seatbelt and they should not be able to collect. Ultimately, they settled.

Recovered: $275,000.00

Unsafe gym equipment results in emergency surgery -$175,000.00

While working out in the gym of her condominium building, our client slipped and fell as a result of faulty and poorly maintained gym equipment. The fall caused her to injure her wrist, resulting in a significant fracture that required immediate surgery.

Recovered: $175,000.00

Rear end accident at a traffic light leads to lower back treatment - $145,000.00

Our client was rear ended while sitting at a traffic light in Orlando, Florida.  As a result our client suffered neck and back pain.  The client underwent injection therapy to their lower back.

Recovered: $145,000.00

Passenger suffers neck, back, and shoulder injuries after driver rear ends car - $145,000.00

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that rear ended the vehicle in front of them.  The police came to the scene.  Our client suffered injuries to their neck, back, and shoulder.

Recovered: $145,000.00

Driver running a red light causes serious back injury - $135,000.00

Proceeding through an intersection on Sunset Drive in Miami, our client was struck by another driver who negligently ran a red light. Our client’s vehicle came to a rest only after spinning out and knocking down a privacy wall for a local community. Our client suffered a significant shoulder injury. Policy limits were collected for our client.

Recovered: $135,000.00

Evening rear end collision causes neck and back injury - $125,000.00

While stopped at an intersection on Sunrise Boulevard one evening, our client was rear ended by another vehicle, resulting in injury to her shoulders, back, neck and both legs. Our client had suffered similar injuries in another automobile accident only a few months prior, and the subsequent impact worsened the injuries. The insurance carrier initially contested that she had a pre-existing condition, but ultimately policy limits were collected.

Recovered: $125,000.00

Father from Naples, Florida rear ended on his way to visit family in Boca Raton - $125,000.00

A father of two grown children was traveling from Naples, Florida to visit his son and daughter in Boca Raton, Florida when he was rear ended at a stop light. He immediately began to experience back pain and followed through with a conservative rehabilitation program.

Recovered $125,000.00

Young woman involved in an accident on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, Florida - $115,000.00

While driving south on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, our client, a passenger in a sport utility vehicle, was impacted by the vehicle behind her. The client suffered neck and back injuries that required extensive physical therapy.

Recovered $115,000.00

Rear ended on the way to work - $100,000.00

A male in his early thirties was stopped at a stop sign when he was rear ended by a pickup truck being operated by a reputable construction company. The client went to the hospital the day of the accident. He required months of rehabilitation therapy.

Recovered $100,000.00

Hit-and-run driver is located and sued - $95,000.00

Our client was rear-ended by another vehicle that fled the scene of the accident.  The defendant was located and a lawsuit was filed. Our client suffered injuries to his neck and back.

Recovered $95,000.00

Family hit by tow truck - $85,000.00

One of many clients was involved in a multivehicle accident wherein their sport utility vehicle was struck by a distracted tow truck driver. After the impact, our client’s vehicle was pushed into the vehicle in front of it. The client suffered a significant knee injury.

Recovered $85,000.00

Stop and go traffic rear end accident - $70,000.00

A woman in stop and go traffic was rear ended at a slow speed. She made a claim for neck and back injuries which the insurance company said could not have resulted from the accident.

Recovered $70,000.00

Disputed accident results in policy limits tender - $60,000.00

A disputed liability accident wherein a woman pulled in front of oncoming traffic resulting in injuries to a minor child resulted in the tender of 2 insurance policies for the minor child.

Recovered $60,000.00

Client fell down the stairs at an apartment building due to a defective railing - $1,000,000.00

Our client was previously turned down by the largest personal injury Firm in America. While our client was walking down the stairs at their apartment complex the railing broke. Our client hurt their back and had surgery.

Recovered: $1 Million

Client hit by a Tow Truck that fled the scene - $844,623.00

Our client was hit by a Tow Truck that ran a stop sign and then fled the scene. Our client suffered neck and back injuries and underwent epidural injections. We took the case to Trial in MiamiDade County, Florida and obtained a verdict in our client’s favor. This was a top 100 verdict personal injury verdict in Florida for 2023.

Verdict: $844,623.00

Defendant ran a stop sign and T-boned our client - $560,000.00

Our client was struck after the defendant ran a stop sign and T-boned our client’s vehicle. Our client suffered neck and back injuries. Our client received physical therapy and epidural injections for their injury.

Recovered: $560,000

Client was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear ended - $250,000.00

Our client was rear-ended while sitting at a traffic light. Our client suffered a sprain to his neck and a disc herniation in his lower back.

Recovered: $250,000.00

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