Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney? Make Sure They Have These 3 Qualities

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Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney? Make Sure They Have These 3 Qualities

Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney? Make Sure They Have These 3 Qualities

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Accidents, Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Which do you prefer: cruising through South Beach or merging onto the highway and testing your bike’s limits? Whichever you choose, it’s important to keep your head on a swivel. And also to have the contact information of a motorcycle accident attorney.

Why the latter? If you’re driving in Miami, you’re not only riding in the most dangerous state to do so, you’re also driving in the county that has the most motorcycle accidents within that state.

Does that mean you should stop riding? Absolutely not. Because although Florida ranks among one of the most dangerous states, it is also a state that recognizes this issue and continues to educate automobile drivers of the importance of watching out for cyclists.

Plus, it’s Florida. Is there any better feeling than riding through paradise?

That being said, accidents happen. And if you find yourself involved in one, make sure you find a motorcycle accident attorney that’s proven they can get you the compensation you deserve.

Take a look at the five qualities all motorcycle accident lawyers should have:

They Should Be Specialized

It’s not uncommon for a person unfamiliar with lawyers to believe that anyone with a law degree can help with their accident. This is not the case, though.

If you’re involved in an accident and seeking a motorcycle accident attorney, it will be important to find someone that is specialized in this type of case. At Pacin Levine, we not only help riders win cases, we help to make sure they remain safe when driving in the future.

Unsure how to go about finding out if an attorney has specialized experience? Simply ask them.

They Should Have A Plan for Representation

Don’t leave fate in the hands of a novice lawyer. If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident and need to seek compensation to pay for medical treatment and/or repairs to your bike, don’t take a chance.

By utilizing am experienced attorney, you don’t have to fear the unexpected. Working with someone who has been down this road before ensures you won’t be caught in any unexpected circumstances.

To know what their plan is, have a conversation with them and ask them to elaborate. A good lawyer with vast experience will be able to walk you through the entire process.

They Should Have Prompt Communication

Lawyers are busy people. At Pacin Levine, we have 11 lawyers and several additional staff members, but that is precisely what allows us to remain in constant communication with our clients.

Keeping clients informed is an important part of our process and should be the same for any attorney.  

Seeking A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in the Miami Area?

We’ve proudly been supporting clients throughout the entire state of Florida in a variety of legal issues. We have a team dedicated specifically to motorcycle accidents in our state and are ready to take on your case.Need to speak with someone about it? Give us a call at 800-247-2727 or head on over to our contact page

Are you ready to pursue your case? Contact us today and set up an appointment to speak to an attorney. Call us at 1-800-24-7-CRASH or write to us at

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