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Consumers have a right to be protected and represented when they get injured or harmed by defective products, medical devices or drugs. Companies often consciously release defective products hoping nothing bad will happen: when the damage does occur, manufacturers or sellers need to be held accountable and compensate the injured consumers. Legal expertise is essential to identify liability and represent victims against negligence, consumer fraud and torts related to defective products.

Defective products can range from everyday life tools and devices (like garage doors or appliances), children’s items (toys, strollers, car seats and furniture), or household cleaners and chemicals.

Defective Products

Several medical devices have caused great damage to a large number of patients. Certain contraceptive devices (Nuvaring)have been demonstrated to double the risk of life-threatening blood clots; transvaginal mesh products have caused blood vessel and organs lacerations, pain and infection; hip replacement and implant malfunctions have caused swelling , pain and metal poisoning for many patients, and certain products have been recalled, among which the DePuy, Stryker and Biomet models.

Defective pharmaceutical products have originated countless lawsuits, due to drug companies’ failure to conduct the necessary investigative studies and tests, resulting in numerous complications suffered by patients, including death. Specifically, the FDA has released frightening reports about several drugs: Vioxx (recalled in 2004) caused heart attacks to more than 27,500 users; Trasylol (recalled in 2007) caused 22,000 deaths. This opens much wider scenarios in the kind of legal action that can be taken against manufacturers and distributors, namely wrongful death claims. Major mass tort claims have been initiated against Topamax, Yaz, Tylenol, Actos. Although these reports have helped in recalling defective and highly dangerous products, they could not undo the damage that had been already done. Victims should be impartially remunerated for their injuries, pain, and losses: these large pharmaceutical companies, instead, do whatever is in their power postpone lawsuit settlements, and elude responsibility.

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