Do I Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer If I’m Hurt as an Instacart Shopper?

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Do I Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer If I’m Hurt as an Instacart Shopper?

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Accidents, Personal Injury, Slip and Fall

The demand for services like Instacart has grown exponentially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. People don’t want to go to the store and risk contracting the coronavirus, so they hire someone else to do it. With Instacart, it’s as easy as tapping on a phone screen. For the delivery drivers, this means more grocery and food runs, which means more money in their pockets.

But what happens if they are injured in one of the stores where they are shopping?

If you are a delivery driver for Instacart, you probably have a few questions you want answered. For instance, can you hold the store liable if negligence was involved? How do you do that?

Let’s take a look at some answers.

Duty to Maintain Safety

All businesses that open themselves to the public have a legal duty to maintain the safety of their premises, and grocery stores are no exception. If you are injured while you are shopping for an Instacart app user and you can show that the store either knew or should have known that unsafe conditions existed on their property, then you could have a case and be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Holding the Responsible Party Liable: Do I need a Lawyer?

Another question that you probably have as an injured Instacart shopper is whether you need to hire a slip and fall lawyer to get compensation. In most cases, the answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” Here’s why.

Attorneys specialize in different areas of the law. As they take on more cases, they gain experience that makes them indispensable. There is, of course, the paperwork that must be filed in the average case. That alone disqualifies most people from handling their own slip and fall lawsuits.

Most slip and fall cases settle out of court. To do that, you need to know how to negotiate using the law to back you up. For the cases that do move on to the litigation stage, an attorney is a requirement if you want any chance of success. At any stage of a lawsuit, you need to know how to handle and present evidence to your advantage.

Contact a Slip and Fall Lawyer If You Were Injured

Slip and fall cases can get complicated. If you are an Instacart shopper and you were injured in a store because of the owner or management’s negligence, you deserve to get compensated for your injuries and your suffering. Get in touch with us today to discuss your case. We will help you decide what your best options are so that you can get healthy and get back to work. Contact us today.

Are you ready to pursue your case? Contact us today and set up an appointment to speak to an attorney. Call us at 1-800-24-7-CRASH or write to us at

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