What You Need to Know about Blind Spot Truck Accidents

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What You Need to Know about Blind Spot Truck Accidents

What You Need to Know about Blind Spot Truck Accidents

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Auto Accidents

We’ve all seen that little symbol on the backs of tractor trailers—the picture of the semi-truck making a right turn while a smaller vehicle gets crushed in the turn lane. BAM! That little car gets slammed against the side of that huge semi-truck. Blind spot truck accidents are a serious problem, and they do not only happen at low speeds.

Checking your blind spot before merging or changing lanes is one of the first rules of the road that every novice driver learns. Otherwise, you could be held liable for damage to someone else’s vehicle if you strike them.

Why should it be different for larger vehicles?

The truth is, however, that if you find yourself in a difficult position with a semi-truck on the road, you could find yourself at the mercy the insurance adjuster.

What You Need to Know about Insurance Adjusters after Blind Spot Truck Accidents

Insurance adjusters that work for the insurance company are not your friend, not now and not ever. They are interested in saving their insurance company money, and not a whole lot more. In whatever way they can, they will try to obscure the truth of what really happened in your accident with a tractor trailer.

Perhaps they will get you to admit partial fault in the accident. Maybe they will get you to settle for less than what the accident is worth because they know how to manipulate people like you.

No matter who you are, the insurance companies see opportunity when they hear that you were in the truck’s blind spot while it was merging. If you decide to file a claim for injuries that you sustained when a truck merged into you, they will try to make things hard for you.

They will try to tell you that your injuries are your fault for driving in the truck’s blind spot. They will tell you that if you had only tried to brake or speed up that the accident would not have happened. The insurance adjusters will remind you that it is more difficult to drive a truck than a car, so you should not have made it more difficult for them.

Don’t listen to them. If you were in an accident because a semi-truck did not see you before merging or changing lanes, it’s not your fault. You should not have to suffer because of someone else’s negligence.

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