Your Miami Motorcycle Accident Attorney Needs to Answer These 3 Questions

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Your Miami Motorcycle Accident Attorney Needs to Answer These 3 Questions

Your Miami Motorcycle Accident Attorney Needs to Answer These 3 Questions

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Looking for a Miami motorcycle accident attorney? You need to ask your top choices these three questions before you decide who to hire.

While it is true that motorcycles can be a dangerous choice of vehicle, many accidents involving motorcycles happen because of the negligence of another driver. What that means for you is that you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Finding an experienced attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your motorcycle accident case, and that can feel overwhelming.

To help make the process easier for you, we have compiled a few questions that we think are critical for you to ask any attorneys you are thinking of hiring. Whether you choose Pacin Levine, P.A., to represent you or not, these questions will help you narrow your list.

Do You Specialize in Motorcycle Accidents in the Miami Area?

In some situations, it can be beneficial to hire an attorney without a niche area of practice. When it comes to motorcycle accidents, however, finding a lawyer who specializes in personal injury and motorcycle accidents can increase your chances of success. A Miami motorcycle accident attorney will give you the best odds if you have an accident in South Florida.

How Many Accident Cases Have You Successfully Settled?

While an attorney’s record on settlements is no guarantee of success for your case, you should still ask your prospects about how their past wins. Attorneys who have skillfully settled and litigated for their clients in the past have demonstrated their ability to negotiate and argue their case.

Ask your attorney to tell you about a few of their past cases to learn more about how they might approach yours.

Do I Need to Do Anything to Help My Case?

Some cases require more participation from the client. Your attorney will have a plan for your case, so be sure to ask whether they expect you to do any of the work, such as gathering any documents such as medical records. If you think you will not have time to help your attorney with these kinds of tasks, you should make that clear from the beginning.

It is important to understand that it is not always possible to avoid being involved in building your case. The less complicated your case, the less likely you will need to be an active participant.

Speak to a Miami Motorcycle Accident Attorney Now

Finding the right attorney to represent your case can feel complicated, but your choice does not have to be difficult. Our attorneys are here to answer any questions that you have about how we would handle your case.

Get in touch with Pacin Levine, P.A., today so that we can discuss your needs.

Are you ready to pursue your case? Contact us today and set up an appointment to speak to an attorney. Call us at 1-800-24-7-CRASH or write to us at

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