How Long After a Car Accident Can I Claim Injury?

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How Long After a Car Accident Can I Claim Injury?

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Accidents, Auto Accidents

Car accident claims can be complicated. A person starting the process of filing a car accident claim or lawsuit has many factors outside of their control. First, they need to receive medical care promptly after the accident. Second, they must know the type of accident and how severe the injuries are to get the proper help from their lawyer. One other factor you might not know about is the statute of limitations, which can prompt the question, “How long after a car accident can I claim injury?”

How Long After a Car Accident Can I Claim Injury?

There are many factors that can dictate how much time you have to file a car accident claim. In this article, we will discuss the statute of limitations and its effect on your interactions with an insurance company. We will also look at how it generally affects your car accident case.

The statute of limitations is the time limit to file a personal injury claim. There are many steps in the process, including getting checked for injuries at the scene of the accident, receiving medical treatment, and filing insurance claims. It is important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines after a car crash.

These limitations will depend on the type of injuries and accidents. In Florida, if you do not file a lawsuit within four years of the date of the accident, you will lose your right to obtain compensation for injuries and vehicle repairs.

It is recommended that you report any injuries as soon as possible, which is why you should receive proper medical attention immediately after an accident, even if you don’t feel pain or discomfort.

Why Should I File a Claim Immediately After an Accident?

If you are injured in an auto accident that was not your fault and don’t start the claims process within two years, the insurance company may deny paying for your injuries. This can leave you with a pile of medical bills, lost future earnings, car repair bills, pain, and suffering.

Building your case also takes plenty of time. Your lawyer needs to investigate the accident and gather as much evidence as possible. They will also contact the responsible party’s insurance company to start seeking a settlement on your behalf. These settlement negotiations can take a while — your lawyer is looking to get you as much compensation as possible, not settle for the first available offer.

There are a few steps that you will need to take as well. If you have suffered from injuries, you will need to visit a doctor. They may refer you to specialists and it can take some time to schedule an appointment with each of these medical professionals — the appointments may also be several months out.

Seeking a Car Accident Lawyer is Your Best Approach

Seeking legal help sooner rather than later will result in a better settlement for you, ensuring that you won’t have to go into debt or bankruptcy to deal with your medical bills. If you choose not to have a lawyer and to instead represent yourself, the process may take even longer since you will be new to the legal process.

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