Miami Motorcycle Accident Prevention: 7 Tips to Stay Safe during Summer 2020

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Miami Motorcycle Accident Prevention: 7 Tips to Stay Safe during Summer 2020

Miami Motorcycle Accident Prevention: 7 Tips to Stay Safe during Summer 2020

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Accidents, Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Miami is known for its gorgeous summer weather. When the sun starts shining, people crowd the beaches and parks. But some like to take in the outdoors a different way—for motorcycle enthusiasts, summer is for riding. Unfortunately, it seems like we hear about another Miami motorcycle accident almost every other day.

If you enjoy taking the bike out, these seven safety tips are for you.

Use the “SEE” Strategy to Avoid a Collision

To help motorcyclists remember how to stay safe on the road, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation created the “SEE” strategy. Search, Evaluate, Execute—the strategy is simple, direct, and easy to remember. Motorcyclists need to search their surroundings for hazards that increase their risk, evaluate how those risks could develop into an accident, and execute maneuvers to avoid those hazards.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Hazards in the Road

Some of the hazards that riders can expect to encounter include:

  • Gravel
  • Animals and pedestrians
  • Debris
  • Leaves, branches, and mown grass in the roadway
  • Oil spills
  • Other motorists

These hazards are not exhaustive. There are many more that can cause a Miami motorcycle accident. Always keep your eyes open for other potential problems.

Don’t Ride in Bad Weather

We are no strangers to inclement weather here in South Florida. Motorcycle riders need to understand that while they may be able to drive a car or truck in rainy, windy weather, riding a motorcycle is a different story. Always be aware of the weather before going for a ride.

Keep Your Bike in Good Working Order

Motorcycle safety starts with a properly functioning machine. Before every ride, make sure that all the equipment on your bike is in good working order—check your tire pressure, ensure all lights and gauges are functioning, test your horn, and be certain that your brakes are working.

Always Ride Sober

Driving drunk or impaired is inexcusable. Not only does driving under the influence put your safety at risk, it also gambles with other motorists’ and pedestrians’ lives.

Increase Your Visibility for Other Drivers

You can’t always be sure that other drivers can see you when you are riding. To make it easier for them to notice you and avoid a Miami motorcycle accident, try the following:

  • Use reflective materials on your clothing and bike.
  • Stay out of other drivers’ blind spots.
  • Always keep your headlights on.
  • Practice proper signaling and braking.

If other drivers can’t see you, they can’t avoid you.

Use the Right Protective Gear

The protective gear that you wear when riding a motorcycle is your last line of defense against serious injury and death. Perhaps the most important piece of equipment that you should always wear is your motorcycle helmet. You can also avoid injuries like road rash and broken bones by wearing sturdy clothing that covers your legs and arms.

Get the Right Attorney after a Miami Motorcycle Accident

It’s not always possible to avoid an accident. If you have been hurt, our attorneys are standing by to help.

Are you ready to pursue your case? Contact us today and set up an appointment to speak to an attorney. Call us at 1-800-24-7-CRASH or write to us at

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