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When To Call A Bicycle Accident Attorney

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Accidents

Have you ever ridden your bicycle, and something caused you to crash? Now, while everyone knows they should call an ambulance if they are seriously injured, it’s still not clear when you should call a bicycle accident attorney. In this article, we’ll discuss how to decide whether or not to hire a personal injury attorney after a bicycle accident and what factors you should consider. 

While people don’t always think of bicycles as vehicles, Florida law defines a bicycle as a moving vehicle. Therefore, bicyclists and car drivers must obey the rules of the road as any other driver would. In Florida, 316.2065 says that “every person who pushes a vehicle shall exercise care and be subject to the rules governing the movement of vehicles on highways.”

Common Causes of Florida Bicycle Accidents

When there is a bicycle accident, it can often be caused by one or more factors. In the case of a car-bike collision, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 30 percent of bicyclists injured in an accident are hit by a car. Other causes include failing to leave enough space between vehicles and bicycles, rear-ending cyclists at stop signs, and pulling out in front of them without signaling.

  1. Driver distraction

Despite the consequences, distracted drivers are still in just as much danger on the road as other vehicle drivers. They are three times more likely to crash if they make a phone call while driving and 23 times more likely to crash when texting and driving. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control reports that every day there are 1,161 people injured and eight people killed in car accidents related to distracted driving. 

  1. Failure to yield

Many drivers are unaware of their responsibilities regarding yielding to pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers on the road. This is particularly true when it comes to intersections. Almost 45% of bicycle and motor vehicle accidents occur at intersections, and nearly half of all bicycle accidents happen when a motor vehicle makes a left turn and hits an oncoming cyclist.

  1. Dangerous road conditions

Road conditions can be dangerous for cyclists, especially in states like Florida. According to the U.S. News & World Report, Florida is the third most dangerous state for cyclists

Some basic rules and regulations for bicyclists are provided under Florida’s bike law, section 316.2065 of the Florida Statutes.

When Should you Call a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

After a serious bicycle accident in Florida, you may find yourself overwhelmed with medical bills and lost wages when you should focus on recovery. In addition, personal injury protection policies are quickly exhausted, and you may find that you are left to handle insurance companies on your own. You need an experienced and skilled Florida bicycle accident attorney when this occurs.

Here are five reasons why you should contact an attorney:

  1. Negotiating a settlement with the other party

In bicycle accidents, people are often not wearing helmets or not following safety precautions. In these cases, it can be difficult to get compensated for your losses without the help of an attorney. Your lawyer can work on getting you the best possible settlement for your case.  

  1. Taking care of medical expenses

You will incur several medical expenses when you’re involved in an accident that can be difficult to cover without an attorney. Your lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve regarding your medical expenses. 

  1. Fighting for your rights

If the evidence proves that the other party was at fault, your lawyer can help fight for what is rightfully yours. Unfortunately, these cases often go unresolved if not handled correctly by attorneys. 

  1. To negotiate a settlement with the other party involved in the accident

An attorney can help get the best possible settlement for you, whether receiving money for medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

  1. To get help if you are considering filing a lawsuit

A lawsuit can be costly and may not be necessary if negotiations fail. An attorney can help decide whether to file a case based on your situation.

Call an Experienced Florida Personal Injury Attorney as Soon as Possible

Bicycle accident law is a challenging field, and the legal standards are precise for Florida cyclists. You need an attorney who understands that cyclists have the same rights as motorists in Florida, even though they hold different privileges. If you’ve been injured by a bike accident, contact Pacin Levine at 1-800-247-2727 or email [email protected].

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