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How to Dispute a Car Accident Fault

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Accidents, Auto Accidents

After experiencing any sort of car accident, there can be a lot of stress to deal with. Determining liability typically is one of the biggest problems you’ll face. In some cases, fault is so clear that it seems obvious who was at fault before an investigation is even done. Other times, however, insurance companies may refuse to admit fault or “pay out.” Wondering how to dispute a car accident fault? Here is your guide.

How to Determine Fault in a Car Accident

In most cases, once you and the other driver call your respective insurance company, they will begin investigating to determine fault.

But if the other insurance company refuses to admit fault, then you will need a car accident attorney at your side.

Sometimes, you might need to go to court and have a judge or jury assess who was at fault. However, most situations usually end with a settlement.

What Does the Process Look Like?

If a car accident is reported, the drivers who were involved will be contacted by the insurance companies and their statements taken. Photographs of the scene will be assessed and an insurance adjuster will come to take a look at the vehicles for themselves.

Once the investigation ends, the insurance company will determine the fault of each driver. In locations such as Florida, blame can be shared for a car accident.

Has the Other Side Falsely Blamed You?

Did the other driver or insurance company falsely accuse you of causing an accident? Resolving a car accident case is challenging, but an experienced accident attorney can help you prove that you were not at fault. Here is the type of evidence that they will gather to build your case:

  • Wreckage and rubble from the scene of the accident.
  • Vehicle damage, including where the cars collided.
  • Victim injuries.
  • Footage from nearby surveillance cameras or dash cams.
  • Testimonies from bystanders, other drivers, police officers, medical professionals, and expert witnesses.

How to Dispute a Car Accident Fault

Call your insurance company as soon as you find out.

Contact your insurance company by phone and in writing. A paper trail is important in these cases — your lawyer can use this evidence to build your case. Remember to stay consistent and firm in your point of view throughout the correspondence. Any doubt can be used against you. Additionally, make sure to provide all the details that you disagree with and explain why they are not correct.

Request a copy of the police report.

If your police report contains incorrect or incomplete details, you can request a correction be made. Your lawyer can help you with each of these steps.

Need to Dispute Fault? We’re Here for You

Accidents happen every day. They can be the cause of major accidents or even minor fender-benders. When cars collide, who is at fault?

Your insurance company might make the process difficult by either denying your claim or making you fight to collect on it. If you need to learn how to dispute a car accident fault, we know how frustrating this experience can be and are here to help. We’ll advocate for you to get the appropriate compensation you’re entitled to. Call us at 305-780-9085.

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