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Is a Car Dash Cam Legal in Florida?

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Accidents

Dashboard cameras or dash cams are a brilliant piece of technology used to stay safe in your car. Providing evidence to authorities for your role in a car accident can even help find drivers who drove away after crashing into your vehicle.

The critical question many Floridians want to know is whether a car dash cam is legal in Florida? The answer to this question is complicated. Dash cams are permitted in Florida depending on the camera and the purpose of the camera. The information below will provide you with the facts and laws of Florida regarding dashboard cameras.

Facts to Know About Dash Cams in Florida

Yes, dash cams are legal by law in Florida. However, you should know of specific laws regarding dash cams before installing them in your vehicle. Some of these laws include:

Florida Windshield Obstruction Laws

Drivers cannot use their vehicles if their driving view is obstructed under Florida’s Windshield Obstruction law. In other words, a dash cam that blocks your vision of the road in front of you is illegal. Therefore, this could result in a fine and a nonmoving violation from the police.

Surveillance Rules of Florida

Although the primary purpose of dash cams is to record things outside the vehicle, recording is a delicate legal topic. For example, some dash cams can also record conversations inside the car, getting you into legal trouble in many states like Florida.

 According to the Florida Surveillance law, you are legally permitted to record a conversation if that one person consents to the recording. Additionally, it is not an issue if you know you are recording your conversation. In Florida, it is illegal to record a conversation unless everyone involved in the conversation gives their permission.

Depending on the severity of the crime, the consequences can range from fines to even jail time. Once the recorded conversation is proved illegal, it can no longer be used as evidence in court. Without consent, a dashboard camera used for recording conversations is useless.

Is it possible to use the footage from dash cams for evidence in Florida?

In Florida, dash camera recordings can be used as evidence in car accidents. When you are involved in an accident, you can use the video footage from your dashcam to support your claim or pursue a personal injury lawsuit. However, the video footage must be clear, authentic, and directly related to the case.

Final Words

You cannot deny that dash cams serve many purposes. For instance, they can protect people and their vehicles. On the other hand, you need to be sure of state laws before installing a dash cam to avoid penalties from an official. All in all, a dash cam is usually legal in Florida if you seek a video recording in your involvement of any accident.

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